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Frequently Asked Questions

Prepaid Wireless service is the same service you get with all of the big wireless companies but without that big bill at the end of the month! This lets you pay in advance for your monthly service on your mobile device, while saving you money.

Just scroll to the top of our website, click Coverage, and type in your address!

We can make that happen! Just find the plan that fits your needs and we will send you a SIM card that gives you a phone number with an area code matching your zip code.

Of course! Once you pick the plan that is right for you, we send you a SIM card and the swap is easy!

Few things to keep in mind:

1. The phone needs to be a T-Mobile phone or network unlocked. Network unlocked means your phone will work on any network.

2. The phone needs to be a GSM device. That means you have to be able to insert a SIM card into it. If you don’t know if your phone is a GSM device, contact your current carrier or reach out to us for help!

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